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International Government ID Checks

Our international identity verification service provides identification confirmation in countries where candidates have lived and worked via some of the most robust international coverage possible.

Easily Perform This Crucial Check Around The Globe

Nearly all employment background checks begin with one fundamental search—identity verification. It is a critical starting point that helps employers confirm candidates are who they say they are. The results then become the foundation for any remaining background research such as criminal checks.

Our Global Identity Verification service can help you easily and efficiently perform these basic, yet crucial checks around the globe. Apart from the simplicity and convenience of ordering international identification checks through a single user-friendly platform, you can also get faster results through our industry-leading ordering and processing technology. In addition, we provide best-in-class compliance support to help employers better understand what identification checks are permissible, appropriate and available in each country.

With First Advantage International Identity Verification

Available International Identification Checks

Every country is unique, with different types of available checks to help employers confirm identity. We understand what is available in different countries, as well as the specific information that is required to initiate each type of check in every country.

Below are our available Government Identification Checks, which can be mixed with other searches as needed, or added to country-specific screening packages.

National Identity Check

This search includes validation of a government-issued and/or national identification document. It may include national identification cards, driver’s licenses passports, etc., and typically involves the use of image validation software, using the latest in identity data intelligence technology. An alternate path involving verification of a national identification number with the issuing source may be used in specific jurisdictions.

Passport (MRZ) Check

This search involves an algorithmic check that the date of birth, gender and country are valid. It’s considered a “level-one” check, rather than the more in-depth check above.

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