Employer Tax Credit Screening

We offer flexible and responsive tax credit screening programs that will help reduce your operating costs and minimize your overall tax liability.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit 

The WOTC program is designed to promote hiring of individuals within specifically designated groups under the program.

Economic & Local Tax Incentives

Economic and local incentives may help reduce a company’s tax liability. 

Employer Tax Credit Screening

We monitor thousands of employment tax credits and economic incentive programs throughout the United States to identify valuable tax savings and tax credits opportunities. 

First Advantage JobCredits

Our JobCredits tax credit screening for employment process integrates with many applicant tracking systems, so all applicants are screened for potential tax credits. It provides employment tax credit screening consistency across decentralized hiring locations, including applications through your company’s web site.

Profile Advantage

First Advantage can offer both the background screening authorization with the tax credit survey in one step using our platform: Profile Advantage. Profile Advantage speeds the hiring process while maximizing participation in the tax credit survey which means more tax credit for your organization.

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