Tax Credits & Incentives

We offer flexible and responsive tax credit screening programs that will help reduce your operating costs and minimize your tax liability.

Tax Credits & Incentives

We monitor thousands of employment tax credits and economic incentive programs throughout the United States, to help to ensure that you are not overlooking these valuable opportunities. Our flexible and responsive tax credit programs will help reduce your operating costs and minimize your tax liability, resulting in unlocked bottom line savings for years to come.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

We can help turn your human resources department into a “profit center” with the Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program.

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Economic Incentives

Economic incentives can minimize a company’s tax liability and offset the high capital costs associated with new, expanding or relocated business sites. We provide economic incentives specialists who assist clients with negotiation of economic incentives; location selection studies; economic impact analyses; and administration and compliance of the incentive awards. Learn More

Location-Based Incentives

Both federal and state tax credits are available for businesses that help meet revitalization needs in distressed areas. Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Zones provide benefits to employers who build and or locate their business in these regions. In addition, your business may qualify without increasing workload or headcount to earn tax credits as a result of employing individuals who reside and work within defined geographic areas.

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Training Grants & Workforce Management

All fifty states offer programs to encourage businesses to train new employees and improve the skills of existing employees. Incentives offered by various workforce enhancement initiatives can help you offset training expenses for both new and incumbent workers. Training programs for internal, external or on-the-job trainings offer cost savings per employee, offsetting 25% to 50% of outside training provider costs and up to 100% of internal trainer costs. 

Tax Liability Services

Sellable tax credit programs can help your business mitigate their state tax liability. Sellable Tax Credit Programs are offered through partnerships, as well as certification programs, and the benefits include: a lower effective tax rate, an increase in cash flow, as well as after tax earnings. A typical transfer puts cash into the hands of the seller to feed new business or their next project and saves the buyer anywhere from 7% to 14% of their state tax liability.  

First Advantage JobCredits

Our JobCredits tax credit screening for employment process integrates with many applicant tracking systems, and ensures that all applicants are screened for tax credits. It provides employment tax credit screening consistency across decentralized hiring locations, including applications through your company’s web site. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our automated IVR system gives your hiring managers convenience and flexibility when calling our private, secure screening system. 

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