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Fingerprint Background Check Solutions

Our fingerprint background check helps you capture and process fingerprints quickly. We can assist in capturing prints in multiple locations and provide FBI channeling and outsource provider services.

Simplified Fingerprint Background Check Services

We use the latest technology to provide accurate fingerprint background checks that can easily help your business comply with industry regulations to reduce your risk. Our electronic fingerprinting services and integrated software make scanning easier, without the need to purchase expensive equipment.

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Fingerprint Background Screening Solutions

Our fingerprint background check services let you capture fingerprints in multiple locations, or you can use our network of partners to capture fingerprints for you.  

FBI Channeler

We are an approved FBI Channeler that permits First Advantage to submit fingerprints to the FBI and to return Criminal Records from the FBI to authorized recipients. In addition:

What our Customers Say About Our Screening Services

“Having access to the technology First Advantage offers provides us with such a better candidate experience and user experience.”

- Mandy Paris | Nordstrom, Inc.

Full Access & Reporting

As a candidate completes the enrollment and fingerprint background check process the record becomes available for tracking and reporting purposes, allowing you to monitor every step of the process. 

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