Profile Advantage®: Easy, Online Background Checks

The Online Screening Experience Applicants Expect

Online background checks built for next-gen talent

Applicant background screening expectations are growing more sophisticated. Today’s generation wants greater conveniences and a simple hiring experience from application to background screening to onboarding. First Advantage can help make that happen. We created Profile Advantage™, a quick, online background check solution that applicants can access anytime from anywhere—including on their mobile devices*.

Profile Advantage delivers the fair background check experience applicants want while creating efficiencies that help strengthen your overall background screening process.

Applicant-driven online background check experiences

Getting screened can be a stressful, sometimes complex experience for applicants. Profile Advantage helps alleviate some of these pain points by providing a user-friendly, easy background check process. Online background checks from First Advantage enable applicants to:

  • View their background check reports at any time on their mobile devices*
  • Streamline the background screening process through minimized data entry thanks to smart importing functions and easy drop-down menus
  • Securely complete their online background check through a technology provider who values fairness and transparency

Profile Advantage boosts your onboarding process too. It can easily integrate into your ATS or HCM, allowing you to:

  • Experience the power of AI automation and compliance systems
  • Secure quality talent with an easy, online background check experience available in 18 languages – optimized for use around the world

Profile Advantage delivers the fair background check experience applicants want while creating efficiencies that help strengthen your overall background screening process.

Easy background checks, anywhere you need them

Profile Advantage allows you to easily screen top talent around the globe quickly with online background checks. By enabling applicants to submit their documentation right on their mobile devices, hiring managers can reduce the potential for back-and-forth communications to help streamline multinational onboarding. Convenient and easy-to-use, Profile Advantage is equally efficient for desktop users.

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See The Benefits of Improving Applicant Experiences

Profile Advantage is tailored to the wants and needs of today’s applicants, meaning an improved experience. Not only does this improve your background screening program, but it also benefits your business operations. A positive applicant experience means you are more likely to:

  1. Attract high-quality talent
  2. Appeal to and compete for top applicants
  3. Increase your brand awareness

Improving the applicant experience starts with optimizing every step of your hiring and onboarding process, including background screening. With online background checks through Profile Advantage, you can take comfort knowing applicants are getting the background check experience they want while you get the support you need to complement your acquisition strategy.