Years Of Compliance Expertise

At First Advantage, we understand the role our solutions play in virtually every applicant’s hiring experience. 

Hire Smarter, to us, embraces the power and the lifecycle of data. We’re enabling smarter hiring through the strategic use, routing, and processing of intelligent data. 

Onboard Faster refers to the automated approach First Advantage employs to search and deliver criminal background record results quickly, enabling faster applicant onboarding. 

Hire Smarter

An innovative API-based system that helps review and assess applicant-provided education and employment information.

Onboard Faster

An automated approach to criminal records searches that can accelerate the return of background check results.

Applicants First

Make a great first impression supported by a seamless yet intuitive mobile applicant screening process.

Business Leadership & Executive Staff

First Advantage is built with a strong core leadership team leading a global presence.