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About First Advantage

At First Advantage, it’s our mission to deliver innovative solutions and insights to help our clients manage risk and hire the best talent.

Insights to Hire with Confidence

Every day, we’re on a journey to help you Hire Smarter and Onboard Faster®, making your HR processes more manageable and effective. Our global employment background screening, identity, and verification solutions help you manage risk and equip you with the insights to hire with confidence. We’re meeting at the convergence of people and technology — with solutions that enable you to protect your brand and help create a safer environment for all your stakeholders.

Founded in 2003, We Aim to Deliver…

Million Screens

Completed Each Year

Retention Rates

One of the Highest in the Screening Industry


Customer Satisfaction Rating

12 Years

Average Customer Tenure


Active Customers

Embracing the Future with AI

We take a responsible and ethical approach to AI, acknowledging its influence and capacity to shape society. In designing and deploying many of our products, we harness AI to enrich user experiences and streamline operations. Consequently, we prioritize privacy, fairness, accountability, and transparency.  

Our Advantage

As a diverse company, we are proud to be united around our principles and core values. For us, they are more than just words — they inspire and guide us every step of the way. They are the foundation of how we operate and treat our customers, partners, and each other.

Our Principles

Our Values

Transparency & Integrity

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Accountability & Empowerment

Celebrating What Makes Us Different

Led by empathy and compassion, First Advantage is committed to diversity and inclusion. Our team members empower each other to be authentic and treat everyone with respect, integrity, and fairness. Together, they have formed a cross-functional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Committee that leverages external expertise to create a more inclusive workplace.

Human-Powered, Human-Centered

First Advantage is an organization driven by progress and service. We love that the work we do matters. As an industry pioneer with a deep sense of responsibility to our clients, employees, and stakeholders, our collective purpose drives individual effort.

Employee Resource Groups

First Advantage has five Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that embrace unity through diversity. Our Generations, Pride, Women @ FA, ABC (African, Black, and Caribbean), and ¡VIVA! ERGs hold 20+ events annually.

SOAR Program

The award-winning leadership development program is designed for First Advantage managers, providing tools for building teams and becoming better leaders. It empowers front-line managers and many subject-matter experts promoted from within.

FA Cares

We believe in giving back to the places where we live and do business. In addition to company-supported Volunteer Time Off in the U.S., our FA Cares initiative allows employees to use their skills and talents to support important causes, projects, and not-for-profit organizations worldwide.

First Advantage Leadership Team

Careers at First Advantage

Ready to work with a global screening, identity, and verifications leader? Grow your career with First Advantage.

Why First Advantage?

Along the Applicant Journey and beyond, leading HR teams choose First Advantage for reliable screening, identity verifications, safety, and compliance solutions.

Hire Smarter

Actionable insights bring confidence to your hiring processes. Turn data into done with technology that helps you review and assess applicant information.

Onboard Faster

In the quest for quality talent, every moment counts. Accelerate the return of your screening results with the power of automation. Go beyond the background with onboarding solutions to speed up Form I-9 compliance, tax credits, criminal record searches, and drug testing.

Applicants First

Behind every applicant is a person who brings value to your organization. Set the tone for a positive Applicant Journey with a mobile, applicant-first experience.

Background Check Resources

Trustworthy information to assist you with strategies that empower business growth, enlighten leadership and help you face the future with confidence.

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About First Advantage

Along the applicant journey and beyond, leading HR teams around the globe rely on First Advantage for screening, verifications, safety, and compliance. Striking the balance between tech and people, our innovations help you Hire Smarter and Onboard Faster.
People are at the Heart of Everything We Do

First Advantage is committed to environmental, social, and corporate governance initiatives.