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Pre-Employment & Ongoing Drug Screening

Onboard faster with diverse and intelligent drug screening options. Simplified collections give you the data you need to promote a safe, productive, and drug-free workplace.

Why Perform Drug Screening?

Taking preventative measures to avoid potential harm to your brand, business, and employees is a critical step for success. A drug screening program is part of that, playing a role in prevention and fostering a corporate wellness culture. Not sure it’s for you? Here are a few reasons why you should consider:


Drug screening can be a vital step when it comes to protecting employees. Pre-employment and ongoing drug screening can help you maintain workplace well-being and safety.


Drug screening programs aim to filter out drug users and deter drug use in the workplace. Maintain business momentum with streamlined procedures, whether you require lab-based testing for DOT purposes or you’re conducting virtual drug screening.

Community Protection

Protect your team and applicants with a fully contactless pre-employment drug screening from First Advantage. For delivery drivers, construction pros, office workers, or virtually any profession that interacts within your corporate community, drug screening is an essential step in mitigating workplace risk while promoting the health and safety of the community.


Workplace incidents can be costly. Drug screening not only minimizes the risks associated with potential damages to your workplace but can also provide long-term savings.

Drug Screening with First Advantage

First Advantage provides virtually everything you need to implement a robust pre-employment drug testing program and take some of the guesswork out of hiring. You can also take advantage of resources that support continuous rescreens post-hire. Drug screening services include:

Solutions (DOT/DQF CMS) for driver qualification file management automate your compliance-related driver tasks to streamline safety programs and keep them compliant with relevant regulations.

Innovative technology helps automate your pre-employment drug tests and ongoing drug-screening processes. Electronic chain of custody translates to fast access to results, reduced paperwork and transparency through real-time applicant updates. The technology is equally efficient for Department of Transportation (DOT) drug screens through eCCF approved labs.

Reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, and expedite hiring with various quick, reliable pre-employment drug screening options.

Oral fluids/saliva, urine, hair, and blood sample testing options with related services provide a complete, single source for a variety of drug testing services that support both pre-employment and ongoing screening of employees.

First Advantage’s Medical Review Officer (MRO) team is comprised of experienced and qualified doctors with a vast degree of industry knowledge.  Our doctors have been certified by the American Association of Medical Review Officers or the Medical Review Officer Certification Council to verify the drug testing laboratory test results, review the chain of custody and test results and conduct the entire donor interview process as prescribed by federal regulations and state law practices. In essence, the man function of the medical review officer is to be an independent and impartial advocate for the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process.

First Advantage helps coordinate wellness-related physicals, inoculations, and records related to drug tests for your applicants based on job requirements.

First Advantage’s random program administration simplifies and supports random drug and alcohol testing by managing your random testing selections and random pool(s). An agile, reliable technology can help your organization ensure the scientific and statistical validity of your random selection process.

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