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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are they checking my background?

How to Dispute Findings or Place a Security Freeze on My Background Check Report

What should I expect during a background check?

What should I expect during a drug test?

Why are they checking my background?

The specific reasons for background checks will be disclosed by your potential employer or property management company before obtaining your authorization, but generally speaking, organizations perform background checks and drug tests for the safety of their workplaces and communities. Companies may also want to ensure that you and those with whom you will work or reside meet the expected qualifications. The information you’ll be asked to provide may depend on the organization. The information you may be asked to provide by an employer can depend upon the skills, licensure, and experience required for the role to which you have applied.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

You may have received instructions from your prospective employer or property management company. There are multiple ways you can provide your information. Use the link provided by the employer or property manager to submit the requested documentation. If you have not received a link, please contact your prospective employer or property management company. You may email First Advantage at for further clarification.

 “Eligible” means that the returned report meets the employer’s or property’s criteria for hiring or housing.

“Decisional” means that the employer has configured the results in the background check to require additional review by the employer or the property management company. First Advantage does not have anything to do with the employers’ or property management companies’ criteria used to make their decisions. If you have questions about your background check results, please contact the employer or property manager.

For reports that are subject to applicable laws in the U.S., including the Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA), consumers may dispute the content of their reports.

Consumers may dispute information on their reports with First Advantage in one of several ways:

  • Call our toll-free number: 800-845-6004 
  • Fax request to 727-214-2127  
  • E-mail at
  • You may also write to us at: 

   First Advantage Consumer Center 
   P.O. Box 105292 
   Atlanta, GA 30348-5292


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