Occupational Health​

We offer a full suite of drug-free services to provide you with a high-quality, cost-effective and legally defensible occupational health screening program for both DOT and non-DOT regulated industries.

Drug Screening Services

We provide a variety of collecting and testing options to meet your program policy needs and objectives for both DOT (Department of Transportation) and non-DOT programs. Features include random testing program management, drug-free workplace programs, and lab-based testing. In addition, we offer instant drug test screening solutions for same day hires.  

Industry Leading Technology

Our occupational health screening technology and innovation support a suite of robust web-based program management features, including an online scheduling center with paperless forms to manage drug test screenings. 

Medical Review Officers (MROs)

Our Medical Review Officers (MROs) are an internal expert team of doctors who have been certified by the American Association of Medical Review Officers and/or the Medical Review Officer Certification Council to review chain of custody and test results and conduct the entire donor interview process as prescribed by federal regulations.  

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Access a network of mental healthcare providers and services to help establish and maintain a healthy, productive workforce, while providing employees and their dependents with a solution oriented EAP program. 

Back On Track Programs (BOT)

Help employees overcome substance abuse in order to remain employed.