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International Background Checks

Onboard individuals who meet your qualifications in virtually any location around the world, no matter where they have lived. First Advantage’s global background check solutions allow you to enjoy top-tier international reach with local care, multilingual support, and compliance expertise.

Why choose First Advantage over other international background check companies?

Global Focus

Unlike other providers that offer international background checks as an ancillary service, our thorough screening solutions are globally-focused—from the vast amount of available in-country searches to our localized, feet-on-the-street procurement processes and our diverse, international management team.  

One Background Check Platform Worldwide

You can simplify the often complicated process of global background screening with exclusive advantages that include a seamless, unified ordering platform, expansive depth and breadth of geographic coverage, multilingual candidate support, a built-in compliance engine and much more.

Local Compliance Care

Unlike other providers that offer international background screening as an ancillary service, our solutions are internationally focused—from the vast amount of available in-country searches to our localized, feet-on-the-street procurement processes and our diverse, global management team.  

What information can you get from an international background check?

International background checks help verify information about an applicant that who lived, worked, or was educated virtually any location around the world. International background checks may result in the following verifications:

How long does an international background check take?

Several factors can directly influence turnaround times, including the local culture and political climate, national laws and regulations, regional- or country-specific data protections, natural disasters, accessibility of data and technology, and more. All of these vary by geography.

Regions with some of the fastest turnaround times include the United States, Canada, Central Europe, South America, Australia, China, and India.

Regions with slower turnaround times include Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Are you currently looking for international background check services? Give us a call. First Advantage’s international background check services provide identification, employment, and education verifications using the most robust international coverage available

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