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Safeguard Against Extended Workforce Risks While Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

Extended contractor workforce-based risks are a growing concern for businesses. With an ever-growing increase in freelance and contract workers, as much as 40% according to the latest reports, the fact is, you may not know your workers as well as you think.

Deploy Quickly

Your time is important. Get up and running with little effort. Efficient, mobile workflows make XtdForce™ a preferred choice among leading brands for background checks and continual monitoring of their alternate workforces. Ask us how you can get started too!

Save Money

XtdForce manages the work for you. This best-in-class technology delivers real results without the time-consuming and costly demands of incomplete tools or manual searches.

Elevate Your Standards

For businesses who always want the best people representing their brands, XtdForce is a background check service that delivers industry-leading, alternative workforce screening and compliance automation.

Three Simple Steps

A fine-tuned process streamlines the procedure into three easy steps:

  1. Get a Branded Portal – Let us do the heavy lifting! We create a unique user portal to your specifications.
  2. Raise Your Standards – Delivering the best customer experience possible requires consistency. Direct your workforce, contractors, and vendors to use the dedicated portal for all screening and monitoring.
  3. Receive Verified Alerts – Receive alerts only when there is confirmed criminal activity data.


Fraudsters who had HR-related red flags prior to or during the time of their misconduct.1


Losses related to workplace violence, fraud, and theft are a multi-billion dollar drain on millions of businesses. 2

<48 Hours

Conducting a complete background screen can take 48 hours or less.3

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XtdForce Frequently Asked Questions

XtdForce is an industry-leading solution for screening extended workforces for three reasons:

  1. It’s mobile-enabled for streamlined worker onboarding—even for those in the field.
  2. Background screening results are ready in as little as a day to get projects started quickly.
  3. Digital badges ensure up-to-date worker “readiness” screening results on demand.

First Advantage creates, brands and configures a web portal customized for sponsor companies. Vendors (the sponsor’s contracted companies) use the portal to request background and other checks for their workers (contractors or contingent workers). Workers access the portal and provide their information via any device. Modern technology helps streamline vendor and worker onboarding.

XtdForce allows businesses to proactively mitigate the potential for reputational or financial damages associated with extended workforce risks. Companies can make informed decisions about who represents their brands based on established screening practices, while XtdForce delivers quick turnaround times with minimal management intervention.

Get started in just a few minutes by registering online—no lengthy set up necessary. Fill out the form above to get started.

The number of companies and contract workers who use XtdForce is growing every day. Contact us to get the latest on enrolled organizations: