Criminal Records Monitoring

Ongoing post-hire screening


Why Monitor

First Advantage Criminal Records Monitoring enables companies to better protect their brands, workplaces and relationships from risk. Criminal Records Monitoring is an FCRA-compliant ongoing monitoring tool that will allow employers to uncover criminal record activity of existing employees and contractors in near real-time.

This innovative tool provides alerts to employers whenever an employee or contractor has a reportable criminal records history after they begin working for the employer – giving employers the opportunity to initiate intervention or adverse action, without waiting for a periodically scheduled re-screen.

Who To Monitor

Criminal Records Monitoring is ideally suited to screen those positions that require an additional level of trust or certification, particularly those in the healthcare, education, and financial services industries. It is also particularly relevant to transportation and fleet services, as it alerts an employer to any motor vehicle violations.

How It Works

Employee Roster
Employer uploads current employee roster, or subset of roster, to monitor for changes to an employee’s criminal records history.

Arrest Activity 
Criminal Records Watch monitors booking database for a relevant activity.

Identity Confirmation 
The system matches arrest activity to a roster employee’s identity.

Court Search 
The system initiates court searches to monitor for a reportable criminal records activity (e.g. pending court date or conviction).

When actual or pending convictions arise for current employees, the employer is alerted.

Consumer Report 
The employer receives a consumer report.

The employer now has the information to initiate intervention or adverse action.


Coverage of U.S. residential areas


Direct communication with 3,000+ jail facilities, making it the largest jail booking database in the country

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