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Criminal Record Check and Monitoring

Ensure Your Workforce is Work-Ready

Ensure Employees are Work-Ready

The way we work has changed. Probably forever. Flexible workforce options can lead to increased retention, productivity, and encourage loyalty. And it helps to have background screening and criminal record check solutions as flexible as your workforce options. Whether you’re bringing on contingent labor to fill in gaps, hiring permanent workers at a rapid rate, or maintaining the workforce you have, a criminal record check delivers peace of mind without compromising your flexible work initiatives.

Get reports whenever an individual has reportable data from criminal background checks for employment. Ideal for temporary, hourly, or for those who are returning to work after the pandemic. Keep your screening program up to date while lowering your business risks with the confidence that First Advantage delivers FCRA-compliant screening services.

Constant Monitoring Made Simple

Criminal background checks for employment are a great start to protecting your business—but what about post-hire? Luckily, criminal records monitoring from First Advantage makes it simple to get updated on criminal record check data for existing and new employees. And it all happens in near real-time. It couldn’t be easier. Just upload a roster, and the system automatically monitors key databases for reportable activity, including monitoring: 

If an employee’s identity matches arrest data, a court search is then initiated. When actual or pending convictions arise, you receive a report, allowing you to intervene, without letting too much time elapse. 


Coverage of U.S. residential areas


Direct communication with jail facilities, making it the largest criminal records database in the country


Direct links to federal district courts, 13 circuit courts and Supreme Court data throughout the country


Court records updated every hour through our court searches and bulk data imports

Better Together: Criminal Record Checks + Monitoring

While available for everyone, criminal record checks plus monitoring are ideal for positions requiring additional certification or levels of trust, such as those in healthcare, education, financial services, transportation, and others. A comprehensive, proactive strategy with a combined approach can help mitigate adverse impacts to your brand while keeping your existing workforce safe.

Add Monitoring for Continuous Risk Mitigation

Not ready for monitoring just yet? That’s okay – we’re here whenever you’re ready. Quickly add the option to continuously monitor your workforce to any of our FCRA-compliant solutions. And when you do, you get reports only when an individual has a reportable criminal record activity. Monitoring enables continuous risk mitigation, so you don’t have to think about periodic rescreens.

Easily Convert Your Full-time Employees

Whenever you’re ready to convert a contingent worker to a full-time status, criminal record checks combined with continuous monitoring is ready to help expedite the process. Ask us how.

Many Ways to Save

Robust digital data coverage not only allows for the most comprehensive criminal records searches, but it also can save you money by:

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