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Continuously Maintain Your Compliance Obligations

Your Global Sanctions Screening Solution

For global organizations that want to actively manage their regulatory compliance, Global Sanctions regularly checks on more than 1,000 source lists to provide reportable information to you in one simple solution. Manage risk and get the results you need with:

Safeguard Your Business With Global Sanctions Screening


We follow the most stringent compliance and quality control guidelines. Global Sanctions Monitoring helps protect against potential reputational damage and regulatory compliance support while maintaining contractual compliance commitments. Continuous global sanctions screening provides potentially more frequent updates than the traditional pre-hire checks with periodic rescreening


In-depth coverage includes more than 1,000 watchlists that are regularly updated, providing your business with up-to-date information in one monitoring solution.

Global Sanctions Monitoring is supported through a broad range of individual watchlists and key sanctions sources, including the Office of Foreign Asset and Control (OFAC) lists, such as:

As well as other databases, including:


With data presented in a structed report, it’s simple to absorb the information into your employee screening practices supporting quick decision-making processes.

Around-the-clock monitoring of global sanctions lists, regulatory and enforcement lists, as well as hundreds of additional reliable source lists designed to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information help keep your business moving ahead.

New, qualified sources are added to the system regularly while smart logic ensures the resulting data match at least two distinct employee or contractor identifiers. This level of visibility helps you make well-informed decisions with confidence.

Global Sanctions For International Organization

Global Sanctions screening provides a single, convenient tool to efficiently perform monitoring of over 1,000 international regulatory enforcement authorities, sanctions bodies, law enforcement agencies, and financial institutions.

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