Insurance Industry Background Screening

Reduce Talent Risks:
Employees, Agents, Vendors, Contractors


Top 3 Reasons to Screen with First Advantage

You Have A Lot to Protect

We get it. You work hard to retain your clients who expect you to continue to provide fast, secure, and convenient support.

And your staff—whether employees, agents, or contractors— expect the same level of integrity and protection as you extend your clients. For  added confidence in your onboarding decisions, First Advantage is well positioned to provide quick turnarounds on many of your background, drug, and other needed pre- and post-hire checks.


Of criminal record searches in the U.S. are completed in less than one day.


Of the Fortune 100 use First Advantage services.

Mobile Answers

We’re placing pre- and post-hire background screening into the palm of your hand—enabling you to manage your background checks on-the-go. First Advantage cares about making your job easier though the delivery of quality background screening using the convenience of secure, mobile workflows.

Brand Consistency

Using the industry’s first dedicated solution for screening extended workforces, XtdForceTM, you can configure all your independent agents’ screening experiences to comply with your single, consistent brand standard. With the push of a button, invite your agents to the phone-based screening experience to help you manage those who represent your brand more effectively.

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Mitigate Risk, Maximize Compliance

As a leading insurance industry provider, you care about helping clients manage their personal and business risks. And it’s no surprise that risk management is the top priority for background screening too—52% of those surveyed classify risk as their main priority when seeking a background check, even more important than speed or cost.

With flexible Electronic Fingerprinting Check Services, Specialized Financial Sanction Searches, Drug and Health Screening, Extended Workforce Screening, Biometrics & Identity, Education and Work Verifications, Fleet and Driver Compliance, Executive Screening, Data Analytics, Continuous Monitoring, Social Media Monitoring, and Hiring Tax Incentives.


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Top 3 Reasons to Screen with First Advantage