First Advantage provides screening solutions that help retailers stay abreast with the changing retail landscape, manage loss prevention, and keep up with the needs of seasonal hiring.

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The current state of the Retail Industry


The Need For Speed

With unemployment under 4 percent, retailers are competing to find and hire quality employees


Loss Prevention

Employee theft is a leading cause of shrinkage in the US

Candidate Experience

A slow or complex hiring process can send a qualified candidate running into the arms of another retailer

The Need for Speed (and Accuracy)

In today’s race for talent, we know that when a retail candidate has multiple offers, they often choose the organization that extends an offer first. At First Advantage, we use innovative technology and automation to shorten turnaround times and deliver some of the fastest results in the industry helping you to beat out the competition. But don’t worry; accuracy will never take a backseat to speed.  You’ll receive fast, accurate results. 

Loss Prevention

Retailers face unique risks that have a common denominator – employees. While not responsible for the majority of theft and data breach incidents, employee theft is a leading cause of shrinkage in the U.S., responsible for 30 percent of incidents just behind shoplifting at 36.5 percent. The average cost of employee theft in 2017 was $1,922.80.

An efficient, comprehensive employment screening process can, above all else, help to mitigate potential workplace risks related to financial exposure, physical safety, organizational image, or reputation. That’s why it is so important to work with a trusted background screening provider like First Advantage. 

Enhanced Adjudication Services

Your time is precious. Let us help take some of the overhead off your plate with our adjudication services. You provide us with your specific business rules for interpreting your background screening results and we’ll apply them on your behalf.  With our time-tested expertise, we can help you to more efficiently review your reports.

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