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Immunization Compliance Management Solutions

Streamline immunization verification with flexible technology.

Eliminate manual tracking and personnel time by about 100+ hours a week.

Powered by Medicat, a leader in campus electronic medical records management, our immunization compliance solutions are flexible to your needs. The VerifyStudents platform seamlessly integrates with Medicat One ICM for bidirectional information flow, saving your school and administrators time and money.

Immunization compliance management, reimagined.

Sync with immunization registries*

Reduce the need for student-supplied vaccination histories (*if your state can accommodate our interface).

Keep records up to date

Track the progress of series-based immunizations and immunization expiration dates and send automated immunization compliance reminders.

Secure communication

Send and track messages to students through our messaging center.


Average number of verification attempts other providers make—we have no limit


Success rate in obtaining verifications


Hours faster than the industry average

49 Hours

to average screening turnaround

Exceed expectations

Administrators: Eliminate error-prone manual tasks.

Monitor student progress from start to finish. With our secure portal, program administrators can view and manage all student forms and records, as well as set deadlines and expiration dates. Data in VerifyStudents integrates with Medicat One ICM, and vice versa, for bidirectional immunization tracking, so information is always up to date.

Colleges: Maximize economies of scale.

Integrate your program’s immunization compliance management with your organization’s campus electronic medical records, eliminating redundancies across programs. VerifyStudents also integrates with clinical rotation management systems for seamless clinical management beyond immunization.

Students: Know exactly where your records stand.

Download and submit forms, track the status of your forms and supporting documentation, and request online assistance, all from our mobile-friendly platform. All documentation you upload is stored in a secure system for tracking, review, and ongoing program management.

Save time. Work smarter.

Explore VerifyStudents with an expert now. 

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