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Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Our WOTC screening program helps deliver bottom line savings to you by identifying job applicants who may qualify for Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program (WOTC) tax credits.

WOTC Screening 

Our WOTC tax credit screening can add bottom line savings by screening new hires for tax credit eligibility.

  • The WOTC program is designed to promote hiring of individuals within target groups, who may face challenges securing employment due to limited skills or work experience.
  • By screening, hiring and retaining WOTC qualified employees your business may receive a federal tax credit ranging from $1,500 to $9,600 per qualified individual, based on the certified target group. 

WOTC Expertise

Our team has 60 + years of combined domain knowledge and development of industry best practices for maximum tax credit generation.

  • We maintain a strategic presence in multiple states, covering all time zones and offer 24/7 tax credit screening services.
  • Our government advocacy team is driving automation efforts in nearly half of the 50 states, and proactively collaborating with other states to initiate or upgrade systems to expedite efficiencies. 


Our proprietary, multidimensional data management solution manages and analyzes all critical areas of a company’s tax credit program. 


Proprietary technology that offers you a second chance to proactively screen employees previously missed in the screening process. 

E-Sig Screening Solutions 

Simple, fast and secure technology that optimizes Form 8850 completion and program results, including integrated screening through Applicant Tracking System (web-services and URL Redirect screening) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).