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Profile Advantage™

Deliver the Mobile Solution Candidates Expect

Candidate expectations are higher than ever before. Today's candidates, especially Millennials and digital natives, expect a convenient, easy-to-use hiring experience from application submission through background screening and beyond. That’s why we created Profile Advantage™, a mobile-first background screening solution that candidates can leverage anytime from anywhere.

Now available globally, Profile Advantage allows companies to screen top talent from around the globe quickly and easily. By enabling users to submit critical documentation directly via mobile device, Profile Advantage addresses a common challenge faced by global talent with multinational educational and professional experience and limits the need for time-consuming back-and-forth communications. Convenient and easy-to-use, Profile Advantage also supports desktop browsers.


  • Accelerate hiring by enabling candidates to respond anytime via their mobile device
  • Streamline the screening process by enabling users to submit critical documentation quickly and easily
  • Minimize data entry by importing functions, using drop down menus and more
  • Secure the best global talent with a mobile experience optimized for use throughout the globe
  • Proceed confidently in the knowledge that First Advantage offers support in 22 languages
Profile Advantage Profile Advantage

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