Instant Oral Fluid Drug Screening

Revolutionizing Employment-Based Drug Testing

Case Study: Leading Retail Pharmacy Saves $1 Million with Instant Oral Fluid Employee Drug Screen Solution

Hire Your Workforce Faster than Ever

As our post-COVID world begins to take its new shape, employers now have a cost-effective, virtual method to  drug screen candidates using the convenience of modern technology

negative drug testing result | OralTox First Advantage

“I’ve done drug screens as an HR staff member. There was no technology involved. What First Advantage has built is simply incredible, and it helps to keep the workforce safe and productive” 

Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer
Lighthouse Research & Advisory

*Anything other than a negative result will trigger lab-based testing

Reduce Drug Screening Times

This virtual drug screening technology not only addresses the need to get people back to work quickly, but it also eliminates the delays that occur with lab scheduling and the time it takes to get lab results. Compared to traditional, lab-based testing, instant oral fluid drug screening expedites results

Virtual Portal

The virtual portal integrates with ATS systems to make it easy to initiate drug screens on-the-go. The Collection Portal guides the collection process from A to Z.

negative drug testing result | OralTox First Advantage

Collection Device

The technology is supported by Oraltox collection devices to administer employee drug screening from anywhere

Cut Costs

By $15 per drug screen

Optimize Your Supply Chain

Controls shipping costs and streamlines corporate distribution

Save Staff the Time And Hassle

Associated with lab-based paperwork

Choose Award Winning Drug Screening Technology

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