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Introducing the Next-Generation of RightID™

The Identity Fraud Mitigation Solution for Employers

Designed to flag inconsistencies in a job applicant’s identity, our RightID solution leverages responsible generative AI and machine learning to help recognize potentially fraudulent applicants in real time, before a First Advantage background check begins.

The RightID™ at the Right Time

In the dynamic landscape of remote hiring, fraudulent activity is on the rise. Post-pandemic, remote hiring has paved the way for substantial increases in applicant fraud. The FBI has warned against the growing use of deep fakes and stolen Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to infiltrate organizations.  

Untrustworthy individuals can harm your company’s reputation, jeopardizing your employees and customers. It’s crucial to establish an identity fraud mitigation process without causing unnecessary delays for your applicants.  

With the increase of applicant fraud and the cost of mis-hires rising to 5-27x the amount of annual compensation, now is the right time to consider an identity fraud mitigation solution.

Dynamic Technology for a Dynamic Workforce

First Advantage’s RightID addresses the growing challenges of identity fraud by implementing a multi-layered, dynamic technology solution. Liveness detection and document review, combined with knowledge-based techniques, target potential counterfeits and possible deep fake efforts to help ensure a robust defense against identity fraud.

Document Validation Technology Seamless Integration with Profile Advantage Knowledge-Based Techniques Liveness Detection Technology

An Identity Fraud Mitigation Solution, Built Right Into Your Applicant Journey

With a comprehensive solution built into your existing integration workflows, RightID enables you to Hire Smarter and Onboard Faster. It helps you spot potential identity fraud or likely errors in applicant data entry at the right time, before initiating a background check.

Capture. Verify. Prove.

RightID™ helps mitigate against potential errors or identity fraud checking the accuracy of applicant-provided information in real-time.

Capture: Ensure the applicant captures a high-quality image with the first attempt.

Review: The government-issued ID to confirm that the document is unaltered and appears consistent with authentic attributes of government-issued IDs.

Deliver: Information that flags any inconsistencies or potential identity fraud.

Now’s the Right Time. Let’s Get Started.

Begin your Applicant Journey on solid footing with our convenient, secure identity fraud mitigation solution. RightID without compromising the applicant experience. Elevate your screening program by integrating RightID into your screening program now.

RightID Tenant Screening

Looking for an identity fraud mitigation solution for tenant screening? RightID® for Multifamily can help landlords and leasing agents avoid renting to individuals who may be bad actors. By comparing a prospective tenant’s selfie and government ID, RightID flags potential inconsistencies in an applicant’s ID.

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