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RightIncome®: Residential Income Verification

RightIncome helps you ensure applicants can meet your property’s requirements to pay rent.

Income Verification, Simplified

For leasing agents and property managers, one of the most important considerations for prospective tenants is the confidence that they can make rent payments. Getting income information from prospective tenants is a good first step, but verifying this information is vital. RightIncome provides a simple solution to income verification for both property managers and tenants alike. RightIncome helps paint the picture of your applicants, allowing you to make informed decisions and mitigate risk.

With an easy-to-use interface, mobile accessibility, and streamlined income verification summary reports, RightIncome gives you income verification information and peace of mind, while applicants use the simple online app to link their bank accounts and digital wallets.

You get an income verification summary report from First Advantage, with an easy-to-understand breakdown of the applicant’s net income.

An Easy-to-use Mobile Experience

Accessibility is the name of the game, and income verification shouldn’t be any different. Your applicants apply online, complete background checks online, and pay rent online—and with RightIncome, they can easily submit income verification online too, right on their mobile devices. By completing the process online, it’s easy for applicants to present exactly what you need. Long gone are the days of combing through a stack of paystubs, statements, or other documents. It all takes place online, and since it comes straight from the banking sources, you get time back in your day to focus on more important property management tasks instead of sifting through paper documents.

Applicants use a straightforward, mobile workflow to link to bank accounts and provide explanations for their ongoing deposits. This provides  verifiable transparency of their recurring income. Applicants simply connect, confirm, and that’s it!

Mitigate Income Fraud & Control Your Costs

Resident income fraud is unfortunately a common occurrence that can inflate your costs—a big reason why income verification is so important. Understanding who you are leasing to is essential to protecting against fraud, and income verification through RightIncome helps answer that question. RightIncome also replaces the administrative processes that can otherwise expose properties to millions in unnecessary costs.


Eviction Filings / Year
(or 1 in 20 rentals)

1 in 3

Evictions Include Some Sort of Fraud**


Average Cost of Eviction

Decrease Applicant Response Times and Vacancy Losses

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