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Digital trust: Identity verification made simple

Our digital identity checking process fits neatly into the applicant and hiring journey, meaning you can hire smarter and onboard faster.

Will digital identity improve our applicant journey?

It can be used anywhere, anytime on a smart phone, tablet, or PC. Both flexible and convenient, it helps you hire smarter.

Will it improve hiring speed?

There’s a significant reduction in manual verification turnaround times from days to seconds, helping you onboard faster.

Can it improve confidence?

Yes, for both customers and employees by using multi-factor authentication, including documents, data, liveness & biometrics.


Quick and easy steps to verify identity and enter data.


Adhere to compliance and best practice procedures.


Clean, simple applicant and user workflows.

Seamless Global Reach

Vast amount of global in-country searches and support services. Hire anywhere, anytime.

Protect brand

Improve brand reputation and credibility in your industry.

Safer working environment

Give your customers and employees peace of mind about your business.

Hire the best talent

Attract the best and most well-suited people to join your business and serve your customers.

Manage risk

Stay compliant and implement best practices to reduce risk.

Common Screening Bundles to Hire Smarter and Onboard Faster


from £ 79 Excl. VAT

A simple and powerful bundle to complete the checks you need as a minimum.


from £ 109 Excl. VAT

An extended bundle of checks for higher confidence.


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The most advanced bundle that can be designed to the specific needs of international employers with overseas talent.

Background Check Resources

Trustworthy information to assist you with strategies that empower business growth, enlighten leadership and help you face the future with confidence.

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