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Background Checks for Non-Profits

We help mitigate your risk, so you can focus on what’s important—your mission.

Focus on What Matters Most

Non-profit organizations come in many shapes and sizes, but one thing is consistent throughout: the desire to make a difference in our world. This starts with finding reliable, trustworthy individuals that will embody your organization’s mission and work toward a common goal. Unfortunately, finding the right people isn’t always easy.

Ensuring your non-profit brings in the right employees or volunteers is critical to the success of your organization and achieving your overall goal. That’s where First Advantage’s background checks for non-profits come in. By providing a comprehensive screening solution tailored to the needs of non-profit organizations, we help protect your organization and allow you to focus on what really matters: making a difference.

Access a Simpler Solution

Developing a screening program for your non-profit shouldn’t mean creating unnecessary hurdles. Our background checks for non-profits make the screening experience easy. Our pre-built, proven process is designed specifically for organizations with limited resources, allowing you to get the protection your organization needs, no matter what. 

Join Our Non-Profit Partnerships

Leverage our national reach to help make background checks for non-profits more accessible. Benefits include discounted non-profit rates, built-in reporting, and marketing and educational programs for participants.

Community safety and well-being are within your reach with First Advantage. Get a configurable suite of solutions optimized for volunteer, staff, and board member background checks. Ensure all those who represent your brand meet the same, consistent screening standards—from the back office to the board room, and everywhere in between.

Trustworthy and Reliable Background Checks for Non-Profits

Your Mission. Our Passion.

For more than 15 years, First Advantage has been proud to serve as the trusted background screening partner to leading volunteer and non-profit organizations by delivering:

Fast Background Checks with VolunteerAdvantage

VolunteerAdvantage is a configurable and mobile-centric solution that delivers non-profit background check results fast. Leveraging our extended workforce screening technology, VolunteerAdvantage enables organizations like yours to manage risk and compliance. Choosing the right screening partner comes down to identifying a solution that provides the features necessary to elevate your volunteer program and process.

Get Started Today

Mobile-friendly screening is possible. VolunteerAdvantage facilitates faster background checks while supporting regulatory compliance. Get started in just a few steps:

  1. Create a portal and let First Advantage do the heavy lifting! We collaborate with you to create a screening experience branded to your mission.
  2. Guide volunteers to your branded background screening solution for a best-in-class screening experience.
  3. Easily review reports and make decisions online and via mobile device.

Now you’re ready to onboard with confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions

For more than 15 years, First Advantage has been proud to serve as the trusted background screening partner to leading volunteer and non-profit organizations. With proven, automated screening and exceptional reliability, First Advantage has optimized processes at the organization level to deliver simple, mobile workflows at the chapter level—holding every person associated with your organization to your optimal screening standard.

First Advantage offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that is ideal for meeting your organization’s needs. In addition to criminal background screening for volunteers, employees and staff, FA provides executive and board-level screening, criminal records monitoring, driving records monitoring, vehicle and fleet risk management and compliance, social media screening and monitoring, fingerprinting, and remote and lab-based drug screening.

We partner directly with your organization’s national chapter to build out your screening program to your specifications. Depending on your urgency, this can be completed in as little as one week. Once your program has been built, individual chapters can set themselves up on the platform and begin screening in 10 minutes or less.

Yes, First Advantage for Non-Profits makes it easy for chapter-level organizations by creating a custom web portal configured for your organization’s needs. Chapter-level organizations access the site when requesting applicant background checks, and local staff and volunteers are invited to provide their information via a link. The mobile applicant interface makes the entire experience effortless!

First Advantage leverages Executive Advantage, a solution optimized for thoroughly vetting individuals who’ll essentially serve as the face of your brand. The private investigators we partner with to deliver more advanced due diligence offer a wide range of research levels, depending on your overall need and risk profile.

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