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How Employee Background Checks Help the Staffing Industry

Amid a fast-paced, ever-changing workforce, it’s more important than ever to expect the unexpected—and getting out in front of possible issues can take some of the guesswork out of hiring. Employee background checks are a great way to understand your applicants at a deeper level, which is especially important when it comes to managing your staffing agency.

Let’s look at four ways employee background checks and the staffing industry go hand-in-hand.

1. Combat High Turnover Rates

According to the Hay Group, 67% is the median turnover rate for part-time retail employees. So, when your workforce is constantly changing, it is vital to manage those changes effectively with intuitive and configurable employee background check solutions so you can help mitigate unwanted costs associated with bad hires.

2. Evolve With Digital Screening

In a world where technology is evolving at lightning speed, where everything can be done faster on mobile devices, shouldn’t employee background screening be the same? With mobile employee background screening, staffing companies can complete screenings faster while providing an improved overall experience for their applicants. Modernize your approach to safety for improved speed and applicant satisfaction.

3. Enhance Business Integrity

Integrity means everything in business. And considering many staffing companies are required to do screening in their contact with their end-users, background checks are critical to ensure all applicants are qualified and capable of performing a job safely in your workplace. Background screening provides a basic level of due diligence that helps to reduce the risk of employee-related fraud or theft while also supporting worksite safety—which is why conducting employee background checks are crucial for staffing.

4. Mitigate COVID-19 in the Workplace

Due to the current state of high turnover rates, it is imperative that staffing agencies consider the health and well-being of their people especially amid a global pandemic. To protect your workplace safety objectives, consider implementing COVID-19 testing prior to permitting entrance into the workplace. This adds another layer of protection not only for the applicant, but for all personnel potentially affected.


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