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Investigative Research

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We offer comprehensive executive background screening when our customers need specialized due diligence for investments, sensitive hires and overall brand protection.

Protect your brand

Working with a team of private investigators, we minimize risk and potentially negative media exposure by thoroughly vetting those individuals or organizations with whom you plan to invest or hire a new executive, including within the hedge fund and private equity sector, and high-risk businesses such as banking, finance, pharmaceutical, oil & gas and retail

We offer local and global investigations with a wide range of research levels, depending on your overall need and risk profiles.

Protect your intellectual property

Our solutions provide a detailed view of a subject's or a company's background before making the hiring or investment decision.  We help you protect your organization from the insider threat, to keep your intellectual property and most sensitive data secure. 

Protect your investment

Our team specializes in high-level due diligence executive background checks, having investigated thousands of high-profile, high-access individuals, and our white glove service includes expert staff available to answer your questions. We are a one-stop shop for all employment and all investment and executive background screening needs.

Areas of Expertise

Executive & Board Appointment

  • Annual Rescreen Reports:
    • Adverse Media Search
    • Enhanced Online Search
    • Enhanced Verification
  • Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Executive Advantage

Investment Due Diligence

  • Early Indicator Reports:
    • Adverse Media Search
    • Enhanced Online Search
  • Litigation-Focused Report
  • BackTrack Report
  • KYC Search

Insider Protection

  • Annual Rescreen
  • Patent and Corporate Filing Search
  • Post-hire Monitoring

Insurance Compliance Screening

  • National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Background Report

What We've Found In Subject's Backgrounds


Have work history incongruity

Incongruous employment dates or employment gaps of at least 6 months


Have credit issues

6% revealed significant credit issues


Have tax liens

Subjects listed as debtors in tax liens in their name or for a company they owned

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