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More Insights for Your Background Check Screening Program

Insight Advantage™ turns data into insight and insight into action, so you can get the full story about your employment background check screening program performance.

Data to Insights

Insight Advantage provides you with more than just reports – it gives you enhanced analytics reporting to determine the “why” behind the performance of your background screening program. Accessible from Enterprise Advantage, Insight Advantage utilizes powerful visualization tools that synthesize data from all First Advantage platforms and solutions through built-in dashboards. Understand the story of your employee screening program’s speed, spend, experience and compliance.


Easy Access, Meaningful Analytics

Insight Advantage provides quick access to your data and then goes way beyond to help you answer questions like “How does my turnaround time differ between locations, type of position or even recruiters – and most importantly – WHY?”.  Uncover opportunities to optimize results, simplify your program and even consider ”What if?” scenarios that can drive a difference in your business.


Demonstrable Value

You know that background check for employment screening is a necessity, but every year your management looks at the line item in the budget and wonders if you could be doing better. Insight Advantage automatically shows you opportunities to optimize your screening budget and the statistics you need to demonstrate to internal stakeholders the value your program provides.

Insights to Action

Insight Advantage takes into account the fact that time to hire includes data entry, follow-up, and adjudication, not just turnaround. You want to see your data and how long each employment background check step is taking and what to do about it. Our data-driven analytics help identify outliers, opportunities to strengthen your program and best practice benchmarks by comparing your results to your industry’s.


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