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Amazon Contingent Workforce (ACW) FAQs

Follow the easy instructions on your Quick Start Guide or simply by clicking here to sign up on XtdForce today and start screening now.

Get Verified is a mobile app that allows for a virtual onsite inspection of the business premises of a prospective client/end user for First Advantage. In order to comply with applicable laws and with contractual obligations, all prospective clients of First Advantage are required to be credentialed as a part of the onboarding process to confirm the security and legitimacy of the end-user to receive data from a consumer reporting agency. Organizations that do not complete or satisfy the credentialing requirement will not have access to background screening reports or the ability to manage the adverse action letter mailing tool for BTB jurisdictions (see below).

Reach out to your Account Manager or Customer Service team.

Amazon considers their adjudication matrix as highly confidential, and details cannot be shared with Vendors.

Decisional results are up to your discretion to adjudicate.

The standard setup is credit card pay. If you are an existing First Advantage customer set up to pay by invoice, it may be possible to bill you by invoice. Approval is needed by Finance, and you should work with your Customer Success team to obtain approval.

At this time, only the Amazon -U.S. Vendor Package is available for background screening. Other background screening packages may become available in the future.

Background screening initiates after the individual has completed and submitted their information through Profile Advantage. The individual has 10 calendar days to complete and submit the information.

Background and Drug Screening packages must be ordered separately at this time.

Per Amazon’s set-up, you are expected to order a drug screen if the services provided by the contingent workers includes (A) tasks that reasonably pose risk of causing harm to the Contingent Worker or others, (B) maintaining, operating, or accessing powered or heavy equipment, motor vehicles, or high voltage areas, or (C) customer-facing services.

Drug screening services are scheduled by you within the XTDForce platform. Once scheduled, the individual will receive an email confirmation with a list of available sites.

No existing contingent worker needs to be rescreened if they are already working with Amazon. Only contingent workers who are new to Amazon must be screened before starting work, and the background must be done within 60 days prior to start date. Contingent workers who have been separated from the Vendor and/or have been not active as a contingent worker in Amazon’s network of vendors for more than 90 days require a new screen. Any contingent worker starting within 5 business days of the Vendor registering with First Advantage does not require a background screen as long as the worker was screened through either First Advantage or another vendor.

You need to manage Adverse Action letters through the XTDForce platform. You must adjudicate to a final score in order to kick off the Adverse Action (AA) letter process. Orders adjudicated to Ineligible (for non-Ban the Box jurisdictions) will be automatically sent. Please refer to the question below on how to handle Adverse Action letters in Ban the Box jurisdictions.

Adverse Action letters for Ban the Box (“BTB”) jurisdictions requires customized letters and processes. The appropriate letter (ie: NY, CA, etc.) will auto-select based on the position location. Check out our “Managing and Editing Pre-Adverse Action Letters” to learn more on how to edit AA letters for BTB jurisdictions.

The primary user / individual who registered your account will receive a report via email that includes details on the individual(s) who require additional action on their Adverse Action letters.

Please contact your Account Manager to submit a request to change the recipient of the Adverse Action BTB jurisdictions report or contact First Advantage’s ACW Customer Care team at

Adverse Action letters are mailed to the individual’s current provided address.

Profile Advantage links will expire after 10 calendar days. If the candidate’s link expires, you will need to reorder the package.

Access our Quick Start User Guide. You can also reach out to our Customer Care team at 866-285-5820 or

First Advantage delivers comprehensive global screening solutions that enable employers to make confident choices, reduce risk and maintain compliance. For more detailed information on First Advantage products and services, visit

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