Collection Solutions for Multifamily Properties

Strengthen Your Property Portfolio

As a savvy property manager or landlord, you are aware of the complexities of collecting debt. You could benefit from fully integrated screening and collections services that help you identify unqualified applicants who might otherwise slip through the cracks. 


  • Discrepancy Percentage – By Quarter 
  • Discrepancy Percentage – By Industry
  • Discrepancy Percentage – By Component
  • Discrepancies – By Component across Zones in India and Abroad
  • Discrepancies – By Top 6 State 
  • Employment, Education & Address Discrepancies – By Top 10 Cities
  • Categorization of Discrepancies – By Component Employment, Education & Address 
  • Discrepancies – By Employee Age, Industry Category
  • Verification Success% Vs. Unable to Verify%

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