Tax Alert: California Hiring Credit Passes Committee Vote

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As you know, First Advantage, in conjunction with the National Employment Opportunity Network (NEON), government relations, and lobbying experts, has been working on securing a California Work Opportunity Tax Credit program. We are pleased to report that on August 8th, AB-916, the bill proposing the state WOTC program, was passed by bipartisan unanimous 7-0 vote in the Senate Governance and Finance Committee.

As the bill continues to progress through the committees, including the Senate Appropriations Committee next week, we remain hopeful that it will be passed before the August 31st end of the current legislative session. Because First Advantage and NEON are dedicated to supporting cost effective government incentives, we will continue our work on behalf of our CA clients and keep you updated as things progress. If you have any questions on this or any other state credits, please contact your First Advantage Tax Account Manager.




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