Kansas City Ban the Box

February 16, 2018

On February 1, 2018, the City of Kansas City, Missouri amended their current Kansas City Human Relations Act to include a “Ban the Box” section.  Section 38-104 will restrict Kansas City employer’s use of criminal history records for employment purposes.   The ordinance is effective June 9th 2018.  Although this will be a “Ban the Box Plus” ordinance as it adds additional requirements for KC employers beyond removing a question from an application, it will not affect employers FCRA adverse action process. Therefore there will be no need to suppress the aa letters for Kansas City, MO.

Under the new Section 38-104, employers in Kansas City with six or more employees, both public and private, will be prohibited from making hiring decisions on applicant’s criminal history, unless the hiring decision was based on all information available and inquiries into the criminal history of perspective employees until after they determine that the individual is otherwise qualified for the position, and only after the applicant has been interviewed for the position.

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