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How Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation are The Future of HR Tech


HR Tech has seen a lot of innovation in the past few years, and there’s a lot to look forward to in the years ahead. From machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to robotic process automation (RPA), we’ve seen significant innovation in the speed-to-hire process, and the best is yet to come.

First Advantage currently leads the industry in applicant tracking system (ATS) integration, which means our systems are directly connected to 70% of the tools used for tracking job applicants. This makes it easy for us to securely share data and shortens the overall time a candidate spends from offer to approval.

To shorten the time these applicants spend initially inputting information, we’ve implemented automation. First, we work with our customer – the employer – to identify what qualities are automatically approved versus what they need to evaluate manually. Then, using the specifications and criteria provided by our clients, we utilize automation to apply this to the screening results to assist our clients in sorting through candidate reports.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an industry redefining program we are aggressively going after. This will allow us to address specific customer needs around faster cycle times during multiple peak periods across the year. Leveraging RPA will enable us to quickly process candidates through the screening process with higher degree of precision and reduced cycle times.

For example, screening our Fleet Services drivers used to be a highly manual process, which led to long processing times. After implementing the RPA engine that helps determine driver compliance under DOT regulations, we’ve decreased turnaround time by 50% and are able to process candidates 24 hours a day enabling smoother handling of seasonality.

We like make things easy for our customers, but with the help of machine learning, the hiring process will soon be even easier. For example, let’s say a candidate states that he attended American University, but the phone number provided is not the best one for confirming his or her education. Rather than going back to the candidate and requesting another number (that may not ultimately be the correct one, either), machine learning can help identify an alternative number that allows us to quickly confirm education credentials and decrease the candidate’s overall turnaround time.

The things we’ve been working on are all pretty exciting for the industry, but they’re nothing compared to the cutting edge programs we have in progress. Anyone interested in the future of HR Tech innovation should keep their eye on First Advantage. We have some exciting game changing and new solutions to deliver in 2018 and beyond.

Originally posted here on LinkedIn.

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