Fleet Alert: Unified Carrier Fees Finalized and Registration Period Open

January 8, 2019

In an Alert last October, we informed you that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) had announced an indefinite delay to the 2019 Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) registration period. This delay has ended, the registration period is open, and the fees are finalized.

The new fee levels, which are reduced for a second consecutive year based on additional annual revenues garnered from previous years’ fees, are in effect as of December 28th, 2018. The fee levels are:

# of Commercial Motor Vehicles (Fleet Size) owned operated by exempt or non-exempt motor carrier, motor private carrier, or freight forwarder Fee
0-2 $ 62.00
3-5 $ 185.00
6-20 $ 368.00
21-100 $ 1,283.00
101-1,000 $ 6,112.00
1,001 and above $59,689.00


The UCR’s three-month registration period began on December 28th, 2018 and will continue through March 31st, 2019. Carriers may register and pay via the UCR 2019 registration website here. As always, we will continue to keep you updated, and if you have any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager or your legal counsel.

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