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Build an outstanding extended workforce where everyone meets the same standard of excellence.

This mobile-enabled portal will allow you to quickly and easily background screen your workforce and make smarter employment decisions.

Extended Workforce Background Checks Couldn’t Be Easier

  1. Your business is required to register and background screen your workforce on our custom XtdForce™ solution hosted by First Advantage.
  2. Access online candidate screening.
  3. Onboard with confidence!

Getting Started with XtdForce

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To Protect Your Company—and Ours

Screening all workers is a standard best practice across nearly every industry and for good reason. Industry research shows that 95 percent of companies surveyed perform one or more types of background checks, with the top reasons five being:

  • Protect employees and customers
  • Improve the quality of work
  • Mandated by law or compliance with regulations
  • Protect brand/reputation
  • Prevent internal theft, fraud, etc.1

We work with First Advantage because of their industry-leading background screening capabilities, advanced processing technology and personalized support.

  • Mobile-friendly, accessible from any smartphone or mobile device
  • Easy online registration
  • Fast, accurate screening results
  • Comprehensive screening services, including global capabilities
  • Digital badging and continuous monitoring available
  • Pre-negotiated discount pricing for background checks

To partner with [Company Name], we require you to register your business within the next 30 days and begin background screening your workforce on our custom portal hosted by First Advantage

Follow the easy instructions on your Quick Start Guide or simply by clicking here to sign up on XtdForce today and start screening now.

Get Verified is a mobile app that allows for a virtual onsite inspection of the business premises of a prospective client/end user for First Advantage.


In order to comply with applicable laws and with contractual obligations, all prospective clients of First Advantage are required to be credentialed as a part of the onboarding process to confirm the security and legitimacy of the end-user to receive data from a consumer reporting agency.

Profile Advantage links will expire after 10 days. If the candidate’s link expires, you will need to reorder the package.

The standard setup is credit card pay. If your company is an existing First Advantage customer set up to pay by invoice, it may be possible to bill by invoice. Approval is needed, and you should work with your Customer Success team to obtain approval.

First Advantage delivers comprehensive global screening solutions that enable employers to make confident choices, reduce risk and maintain compliance. For more detailed information on First Advantage products and services, visit

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