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Criminal Record Checks

Our comprehensive UK & international criminal record check service provides a more efficient and cost-effective way to undertake criminal record checks for applicants anywhere in the world.

UK Criminal Record Checks

As the UK’s largest criminal record check provider we process over 650,000 applications every year. First Advantage offers all levels of UK criminal checks as registered / umbrella body  with Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), Disclosure Scotland (DS), and Access NI.  We offer basic, standard, and enhanced criminal record checks. In addition, for UK applicants who have lived or travelled abroad, we provide international criminal record checks.

First Advantage’s UK criminal record checking services provide our customers with the following features and benefits:

International Criminal Record Checks

Application processes can vary significantly, both in the UK and between other countries. However, whether applicants are working in regulated industries, providing delivery services or any activities requiring the employer to conduct criminal record checks, First Advantage’s services and team of specialists help to support employers in conducting such check for the relevant roles and as per local country requirements.

What is it?

Our UK and international criminal record checks search both local and national jurisdictions for the criminal record history of the applicant. Records may be made available via a national criminal database held by police or justice services, or may involve court record checks.

What do I get?

When utilising our UK & international criminal record check service, you will receive a full, easy to navigate audit trail of the applicant’s criminal record check history, including timelines. Depending on local country processes, data returned may include confirmation of a clear criminal record with associated ‘clearance certificate’, or confirmation of criminal record outcomes.

What are the benefits?

Leveraging technology to drive your UK and international criminal record check process vastly reduces turnaround times by providing indicative results quickly. This enables employers to make recruitment decisions faster, whilst supporting wider safeguarding protocols. Employers have options to deliver both self-service and online payment facilities to their applicants. In addition, as a founding member of the Criminal Records Trade Body (CRTB), First Advantage will keep you informed of the latest market developments.

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