Driving Licence Check

If your employees drive as part of their job, you need to be certain that they’re qualified to be on the road. So, protect your business from risk and the threat some drivers may pose to your company’s reputation with First Advantage’s driving licence checks for employees.

Our services use real-time data, enabling you to review and continually monitor applicants’ driving history and license status. And it alerts you if there are any changes to your employee’s driving record.

What is it?

Our employee driving license checks include a search of driver licencing authorities, transport authorities and/or police records in a country for verification of driver’s license credentials, status and/or history.

What do I get?

Depending on local process and data availability, your employee driving license check results may include driver conviction history, endorsements, category entitlement, expiration dates, and restrictions.

What are the benefits?

Managing your checks online with First Advantage makes it easier to carry out driving licence checks for employees. Plus, you can continually monitor them for changes, ensure you’re employing the right people, demonstrate compliance, and protect yourself from the potential damage caused by having non-qualified drivers working for you.

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