PEPs, Sanctions & Enforcements

Protect your business from fraudsters and corruption with our online, comprehensive, FCA Certification Regime-compliant PEPs, sanctions & enforcement check service.

Peace of mind is just a couple of clicks away with our online system which searches a database of 4 million high risk individuals and 1 million politically exposed persons (PEPs), delivering instant results.

What is it?

Updated every 24 hours, our global PEPs, sanctions & enforcement check service is a multi-source compliance offering which includes access to over 1000 watchlist sources from around the world. We can also conduct an expanded search which includes access to an in depth Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) database. The types of sources include: Sanctions Financial Compliance, Enforcement Terrorism, and Corruption Criminal Enforcement.

What do I get?

Clients receive a report confirming any mentions of the applicant in any available global watchlist, sanction or PEP source, along with a copy of the full text of data found.

What are the benefits?

To protect your business from fraudsters and corruption, you need to feel confident that anyone in your organisation who handles money as part of their job is competent and 100% trustworthy.

Using our screening service will free up time within your HR team and eliminate the risk of onboarding inappropriate applicants.

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