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Instant Employment History – United Kingdom

Instant Employment verification, covering up to 5 full years of employment history within the UK. No limit to the number of employer verifications. Information is shared with you, the employer, with consented permission directly from the applicant. Data includes Employer Name, Start Date and End Date, directly from HMRC, the UK’s National tax Authority.

Instant Employment History

Every year, First Advantage process millions of background checks globally, with significant volume and experience in the UK. Employment verifications are fulfilled in a traditional way by contacting employers directly or collecting evidence of employment to establish verification, enabling employers to make informed hiring decisions.

First Advantage’s ‘Instant Employment History’ enables employers to continue making hiring decisions with the following benefits:

  1. Near Instant Completion
  2. Integrated and seamless applicant workflow, ensuring high completion rates and low friction
  3. Up to 5 years of employment history with no limit on how many periods of employment verified
  4. Significantly faster onboarding time, Ensuring you can Hire Smarter, Onboard Faster!
  5. No need for documents means no chasing applicants for missing information, and no delays

How does it work?

  1. Invite your applicant to complete their pre-employment screening through the First Advantage application
  2. Applicants will log in and consent to share employment data from HMRC via our secure, seamless integration
  3. Results will immediately be provided to First Advantage and made available to customers within our secure screening application

What is available?

Instant Employment History is available in the United Kingdom and covers all employees taxed using the HMRC PAYE tax system

What do I get?

Near Instant completion of up to 5 full tax years employment information, directly from HMRC the UK’s national tax authority. Data is trusted, accurate and will always contain the employer name, employment start and end dates.*

What are the benefits?

Employers can significantly reduce the number of individual pieces of information required while onboarding an applicant, enabling applicant background screening to be completed in minutes rather than days or weeks, ensuring you can Hire Smarter and Onboard Faster.

Applicants are provided with an intuitive and low friction process, removing the need to provide specific start and end dates, or provide an individual contact point at their previous organisation, ensuring that they can provide their new employer with instant, HMRC verified, employment data.

Instant Employment History

Instantly verify your applicants employment history.

*First Advantage is not liable for errors or omissions in data sourced from HMRC. Employment data is obtained directly from the UK Tax authority and not verified with individual employers.

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