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Why do I need employee background screening?

Employers are required to check new hires are eligible to work in the UK, their employment history is legitimate, and there’s nothing to indicate they could pose a threat to their brand, customers, and reputation.

Employees may also find themselves handling credit and debit card data or cash, and employers need to adhere to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

In sectors such as gaming, regulators stipulate screening is required for roles within casinos such as dealers, cashiers, and supervisors. The hospitality industry covers a broad range of job roles, mostly in leisure and tourism, including theme parks, hotels, bars, restaurants, casinos, leisure centres and cruise ships. Employees in these sectors are often interacting with an organisation’s customers as front of house services such as bar and waiter staff, croupier, lifeguard or receptionist. An employee’s behaviour, competence and conduct are key to an organisation’s success.

As the face of your organisation, your employee’s behaviour and conduct is not something you should take a chance on.

Why choose First Advantage for your employee background checks?


Neglecting to conduct background checks when onboarding new employees could leave your organisation vulnerable to recriminations, possible fines, and reputational risk.

Easily fulfill industry regulations using one secure platform to ensure that all individuals—employees and vendors— working on your behalf are properly screened to serve the public. First Advantage hospitality and restaurant background check program can help you serve up the best talent.


Our expert team of onboarding executives will help ensure your background checking system is designed to meet your exact processing requirements. Our dedicated, global client care team will keep track of your applications and are always on hand to help with any questions.


Run checks on your staff regularly to help combat financial crime and terrorism, people trafficking and illegal immigration. Be absolutely confident people are who they say they are and be able to prove it. Our eligibility experts will ensure your online system processes checks at the right level for your organisation.


Our software systems make use of cutting-edge technologies, providing identity as a service to help our customers maintain data integrity to the highest standards and confirm an applicant’s attributable data sets.

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Create custom position-specific screening packages with your own custom adjudication criteria. Establish account hierarchy with multiple levels of access and reporting capacity by location, division or billing code.

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