Employment & Reference Verifications

Employers often validate employment history to confirm applicants work experience and be sure applicants have the professional background and appropriate work experience required for the position.

Employers can verify job titles, start and end dates for each job, and will sometimes ask for more details. An employer may also ask for the reason for termination and whether the applicant is eligible for rehire.

Verifying employment history can take time, be challenging and lead to errors. Ex employers may be unresponsive, and applicants often provide inaccurate or incomplete data. Using First Advantages Employment Verification services helps solve common issues through its online, on-demand service.

In addition references can also be provided and help provide an additional level of information beyond what is listed on a applicants CV, providing insight to a person’s work ethic and abilities.

What is it?

First Advantage contacts previous employers directly to confirm the information applicants provide. Automated processes and support teams will chase and provide detailed audit trails of results or even inability to secure a verification.

What do I get?

First Advantage systems and teams confirm an applicant’s work history, such as company names and locations, dates, positions or titles held.

What are the benefits?

The service helps to mitigate the risk of errors and cost of a bad hire, improve time to hire, reduce administrative costs by outsourcing time-consuming manual tasks and improve the applicant journey.

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