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Employers across the world conduct criminal background checks for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is to improve workplace safety and employee security. Knowing ahead of time whether an applicant has a violent, threatening, or high-risk criminal background allows companies to make better recruiting decisions based on their risk tolerance, job-specific needs, industry standards, and other considerations.

By delivering a configurable combination of accessible and permissible searches in countries where candidates have lived and worked, our Criminal History Checks give some of the most comprehensive, strong global criminal record coverage available. Employers throughout the world rely on our enormous worldwide network, which spans more than 200+ countries and territories, to deliver the most trustworthy, accurate, and extensive criminal record information. 

Service we have for you:

Criminal Record Search (Police)

Search of Police Records to obtain candidate’s criminal history (if any) through the Police Commissioner’s / Authority’s office or Online Report in the jurisdiction of the candidate’s address.

Court Record Search (e-sCourt)

Verification on records provided  by the candidate such as  (name, father’s name, date of birth / age, and address) in the online E-court database and secondary databases to find any civil or criminal records belonging to the candidate to aggravate any losses.

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