Comprehensive Background Verification

First Advantage, you can conduct background screenings that go beyond a simple criminal record lookup. Enter the new era of pre-employment screenings and begin your background verification checks now.

One stop solution to verify your candidate on global, local & national level

In other countries, verifications are not accessible. We have decades of expertise in the worldwide screening business, with hundreds of employees working in 26 sites across 15 countries, as well as a network of local partners. On ground presence enables us to perform high-quality verifications, leveraging on local language as intended to give high-quality results and quick turnaround times.

First advantage background verification enables companies to:

Our expanded list of background verifications checks includes:

1. Education verification check

First Advantage cross-verifies all the relevant educational data presented by the candidate. Which may include attendance dates, course major or main subject, qualification or degree(s) attained.

2. Professional Qualification

First Advantage helps you confirm the professional qualification of the candidate from respective educational institution’s records.

3. Employment (through HR Department)

Confirmation of employment details provided by the candidate or Client with the HR Department of the respective employer.

4. Gap in Employment History

Checking of the background verification form to identify if there is any gap between employment or in education.

5. Employment VIA UAN

Validation of a candidate’s association as an employee with the concerned employer using the candidate’s UAN associated with the employment on the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization, India (EPFO) website.

6. Professional Reference

First Advantage obtains information on a candidate’s personality, demeanor, professionalism, and work ethic through references provided by client or candidate, where available.

7. Company – Online Research

Validation of existence and registration details of a company through online research which includes checking details on company website, online directories / yellow Pages, MCA / ROC website, NASSCOM listing and reverse directory searches (for address and contact number) etc.

8. Address – Site Visit

Confirmation of candidate’s current / permanent / past residential address through a site visit. Confirmation is sought from candidate / candidate’s family member / neighbour / housing society / current occupant / tenant / roommate etc. using a standard questionnaire.

9. Address – Digital (using Geocoding)

Verification of candidate’s address by matching the geocode of the address generated through geocoding tools such as Google Maps with the geocode captured by the candidate (or by person authorized by the candidate).

10. Resume Comparison

‘Cross validation of candidate’s employment and education details given in the background verification form (BVF) against candidates resume.

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