Shifting Hiring Processes amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had serious impacts not just on individual health and healthcare services; it’s making a sizeable impact on the global economy as well. Businesses around the world are facing unprecedented challenges as they try to support their employees while also struggling to meet customer demand.

Many businesses rushed to implement remote working arrangements with little to no notice while ensuring data continued to be handled with the utmost security and in compliance with the law. In the midst of this massive shift, recruitment teams are trying their best to continue to supply businesses with the right resources to limit operational disruptions. Even in the midst of this uncertainty, it is crucial to keep the talent pipeline intact by maintaining regular contact with prospective hires.

With social distancing measures in place, HR teams have been forced to make major adjustments. Below are the steps that recruitment teams should keep in mind to stay effective in the current climate:

Digitizing Recruitment
Digital transformation is becoming the new normal for businesses across the globe, and recruitment is no different. The COVID-19 threat has not stopped the organizations from actively seeking new placements, and today’s businesses can actively seek new hires through online job portals, social media or recruitment software.

Video Interview Software
Incorporating video interviewing into talent acquisition efforts is a quick win in our socially distant times. Video can allow companies to interact with potential employees quickly and efficiently and allow them to get a real sense for the person being interviewed.

“During this pandemic, tech-enabled assessments are also one of the efficient tools that talent
acquisition teams are relying on in order to digitize interactions with candidates”

Through the software, a candidate records his or her responses to interview prompts, and the recordings are saved and shared with all relevant parties. There are many video interview software options available on the market today, and leveraging these tools will help companies both now and in the future.

Onboarding The Digital Way
Digitization is not just limited to interviews but can also be leveraged in onboarding. Generally, once an employee is hired, the onboarding process is one of the key phases during which the employee learns about the company.

Onboarding is the company’s opportunity to make a positive first impression on the employee, and it’s important not to overlook this opportunity when it’s currently more challenging. Some companies are using VR technology to give candidates a virtual tour and others are making sure team members digitally engage with the employee on a regular basis.

The feeling of belongingness is key to employee retention. Clear information, understandable directives and strong leadership will go a long way to building a relationship with the employee.

Pre-employment Screening
Background checks are one of the primary digital measures that can be taken by an organization to limit risk and confirm a candidate has the appropriate training and experience for the job. A thorough check of the candidate’s employment and education verification before hiring will help protect not only the company but its employees and customers as well.

During this global pandemic, the new hiring landscape demands digitization in the recruitment, optimal usage of technological advances, the use of virtual meetings and the ability to maintain contact with promising talents for future job placement.

Amit Singh, VP & Head – Commercial, First Advantage India

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