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Awareness of an individual’s history and characteristics is never a bad idea when it comes to recruitment. A background check helps in finding the right person for the right position and delivers insights that enable faster hiring decisions and improves the quality of the hire.

A simple verification also serves as a protective measure against lawsuits caused by negligent hires. The degree and extent of verification may differ from firm to firm, but one thing that remains consistent is the necessity of background verification, regardless of the size or the industry within which it operates.

The question that crops up next is: “How to go about selecting a verification service?” Here are a few steps to be taken while selecting a suitable service provider:

Step 1: Determine whether you actually need a background check service

A systematic background verification can help cross-check the information received from the prospective employee about his/ her past. Different organizations screen different aspects of the individual, in accordance with its needs. In some cases, a social media check is sufficient to verify the candidate’s educational and professional history.

It is important to understand exactly what aspects need to be screened and the relevance of the accuracy of the data to the position as well as the organization as a whole. For example; criminal and sex offender records for educational institutions, felony records of professionals who would be dealing with confidential information, driving records of professional drivers, etc.

Step 2: Learn about your options

Background checks can be broadly categorized into two:

  • Full- service companies These include background checks that are carried out by professional service providers. The firm hired undertakes the tedious process of carrying out the investigation as per your requirements and returns a report that is graded either positively or negatively. The firm informs the candidate being inspected, requests consent to proceed with the verification, carries out a thorough investigation and even shoulders the burden of compliance. These services can be extremely beneficial but aren’t free of drawbacks. When it comes to outsourcing the verification process, it is important to evaluate your needs against the cost of availing said services.
  • Online DIY websites- Online DIY websites are a sort of search engine, where records and results from a variety of sources can be obtained, simply by entering the name of the prospective candidate. These checks are inexpensive, easy to use and aren’t tedious or time-consuming.

However, the results returned are neither complete nor accurate and cannot be solely relied on for a pre-employment verification.

Step 3: Evaluate the available options

There are numerous organizations that provide background verification services and determining the best one can easily be done through a Google search. However, the top organizations in the market, may not always be the optimal option for the firm’s specific requirements. Here are a few factors to take into consideration in order to make the right choice:

  • Customization- A number of firms allow you to mix and match the services they perform in order to provide you with solutions that are customized to your needs and specifications. It is an important factor to contemplate because it minimizes the expenditure while ensuring the accuracy of the information retrieved.
  • Budget and cost- Another factor to be taken into consideration while selecting a verification service is the cost and budget available. The cost of the external services, differ on the basis of the details you require verified. It is important to determine exactly what specific aspects of the prospective hire need to be cross-examined to determine the most favorable solution within a fixed budget. Background checks are commonly perceived as an additional and unnecessary expense, but in fact, it is an investment that is essential to the recruitment process.
  • Turnaround time- The time taken for verification can range between two to seven days, based on the information being investigated. The response time also differs from company to company, making it an important aspect to consider while choosing a service.

Step 4: Selection and controlling

Once you have evaluated the available options, the next step is selecting the one that would provide the maximum value to the organization at the lowest possible cost. Verification is a continuous process that needs to be carried out at regular intervals. Selection is but the beginning, the option selected must consistently be monitored for effectiveness. This will help modify the plan accordingly and maximize the benefits of a background check.

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