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Data Subject Rights Requests

Who is a Data Subject?

Data Subject means an individual (i.e., the candidate/applicant) whose Personal Data has been collected by First Advantage as Data Processor on behalf of the Customer, i.e., Data Controller.

What are Data Subject Rights Requests?

Outside of the United States, most privacy laws provide you a mechanism through which you can exercise certain rights (similar to those exercised in the United States under the FCRA, such as disputes and full-file disclosures) that empowers and enables you to check what personal data relating to you is being held and what is being done with it.

You as a candidate are entitled to exercise these rights available to you depending on the privacy laws in your country of residence. Fulfillment of these requests by First Advantage may also require approval of your employer as Data Controller.

Such rights relate to access, correction of your personal data and such other rights that may vary in different jurisdictions.

Types of Data Subject Requests

  • Right to be informed: A right to know how your personal data is being used. First Advantage will provide information and communicate to you in a clear, concise, and easily accessible form about the collection and processing of your personal data.
  • Right of Access: You have the right to request details of your information that we hold including:
    • how your personal data is processed;
    • categories of data collected;
    • purpose of the processing;
    • whom this data is disclosed to;
    • duration of retention; and
    • source from which the information was obtained if collected from a third party.
  • Right to Rectification: You have the right to update your data and complete the incomplete data or correct any incorrect information held by the us.
  • Right to be forgotten/ Right of deletion: If provided for under local law, you may have the right to have your data deleted. This right is also called as right to be forgotten. You can request First Advantage to remove your personal data and immediately stop further distribution of data.
  • Right to Restrict processing: Right to mark your record to restrict any processing outside of what is legally or contractually required. In certain circumstances and if provided under local law, you may be enabled with a right to limit the processing of your personal data by FA.
  • Right to Data portability: If provided under local law, you can also request to move your personal data to another service provider.
  • Right to object to data processing activities: If provided under local law, you may request Data Controllers or Data Processors to stop using your data for marketing or other purposes unless they can provide a legitimate need for that processing.

How Do We Process Your Requests?

When you submit a request to exercise your rights, it is routed to First Advantage’s compliance team via the regional email addresses (correlating with the region of your residence) listed below:

Please provide the following information without fail in email with your full name, employer’s name, Case ID, and country of residence.

Our compliance team will seek your employer’s approval before fulfilling the request.  For the sake of expediency, we recommend you to contact your employer for further assistance on the matter. Under some privacy legislations, there are strict deadlines to fulfill such requests.

* Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, French Polynesia

** Bangladesh, China, India, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, S. Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Bhutan, British Indian Ocean Territory, Kazakhstan, Macau, Mongolia, Nepal

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