EMEA 2015

Background screening in EMEA has changed markedly
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At First Advantage, we have seen how background screening in EMEA has changed markedly over the last three years. While there is no shortage of anecdotal evidence around these changes, we wanted to investigate the data to see what it could tell us. The key findings of that investigation are summarized here in our first spotlight report on verifications screening in EMEA.    This report highlights some of the key findings and trends in verifications for our region, including volumes of checks and discrepancy rates over time and across industries, for education, employment and professional verifications.


  • Introduction  
  • Discrepancy Rates 
  • Discrepancy Rates by Type of Verification (Education and Academic Qualifications) 
  • Discrepancy Rates by Type of Verification (Employment History) 
  • Discrepancy Rates by Type of Verification (Professional Qualifications, Licenses, and Membership)  
  • Discrepancy Rates by Candidate Type  (Permanent vs. Contingent Workers)
  • Discrepancy Rates by Candidate Type (Permanent vs. Contingent Workers by Type of Check)  
  • Discrepancy Rates by Sector 
  • Discrepancy Rates by Sector: Professional Services 
  • Discrepancy Rates by Sector: Technology 
  • Discrepancy Rates by Sector:  Legal  
  • Discrepancy Rates by Sector: Staffing and Recruitment 
  • Discrepancy Rates by Sector: Financial Service

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