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Identity fraud in the rental housing industry is growing, fueled in part by dramatic increases in online applications, so property owners and managers need to be prepared.

Quick Mobile Identity Fraud Detection

With the rise of identity fraud in rental property screening, protect your property with mobile identity fraud detection technology. State-of-the-art facial recognition tech enables us to deliver superior risk management solutions with exceptional speed, accuracy and value to the rental property screening market. 

RightID® Residential can help landlords and leasing agents avoid renting to individuals who may be ‘bad actors.’ By comparing a prospective tenant’s selfie and government ID, RightID Residential flags potential inconsistencies in an applicant’s ID.

Modern Rental Property Screening Results In Minutes

Safeguard Against Growing Identity Fraud

Online applications are coming in at an unprecedented rate. To meet the increasing demand, RightID Residential can help bring security into your processes by evaluating an applicant’s documentation during your rental property screening for potential fraud. RightID Residential helps protects property owners and managers against the rising risk of identity fraud.


Of Evictions

stem from fraud, and with the average number of days to evict being 90 – 150 days, evictions can easily cost thousands of dollars.


Of Management Companies

have difficulties identifying and preventing fraud due to time constraints, and lack of training on the ever-changing sophistication of bad actor methods1.

Approve Applications with Confidence

Trusted by many, RightID Residential offers you the same innovative technology helping to protect the world’s prominent brands. RightID Residential is proven in the rental property screening process to help mitigate fraudulent applicants from becoming your next tenant.

Automated, Fast Rental Property Screening

Manual ID validation is so yesterday. The challenges and time constraints of leasing agents combined with the increasing savvy of fraudsters make RightID Residential an ideal option for the rental property screening process. Using patented secure technology, it examines the security features and photos of government-issued IDs by comparing to a live photo (selfie) taken on a mobile device.

What our Customers Say About Our Screening Services

“We’re definitely a stronger company today because we’re getting better information, which helps us make better decisions. The quantity and quality of information we can get from First Advantage Resident Screening really does help us run better properties.”

- Regional Manager | DEI Communities

RightID Identity Fraud Mitigation

RightID Identity Fraud Mitigation is built for employers to address the growing challenges of applicant fraud. This multi-layered, dynamic technology solution leverages responsible generative AI and machine learning to help ensure a robust defense against identity fraud.

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