Healthcare Industry Background Checks

We understand the stakes are higher in healthcare. Our healthcare employee and home healthcare worker background checks will help you meet your compliance obligations with the complex and ever-changing regulations unique to the industry.

The current state of the Healthcare Industry


Projected shortfall of primary and specialty care physicians in the United States over next decade


new healthcare jobs


Healthcare sector is projected to account for 1/3 of all new employment


of nurses are projected to retire in three years


turnover rate for registered nurses

A Streamlined Process For Faster, Better Hires

First Advantage can help you radically streamline your healthcare background screening and hiring process by leveraging our market-leading expertise, data quality and advanced technology to give you faster placement of medical professionals, brand protection and revenue support.

Post-Hire Healthcare Industry Background Screening

In the healthcare industry, it requires as much due diligence, if not more, to maintain a compliant workforce as it did to hire one. In fact, you need to ensure that your current employees don’t put your company—or worse, your patients—at risk. Here’s how we can help with  healthcare industry background screening services.

Compliance Check

Stay Compliant

First Advantage is a background check provider; but we also engage experts in healthcare regulatory requirements to assist you with keeping apprised of those regulations and laws.

Insights & Analytics

Time-starved healthcare executives are always trying to balance compliance and cost and want to understand the health of their overall hiring process. With Insight Advantage they now have a quick view of their dashboard where they can review turnaround times and other KPI’s sorted by date, location, and region.


Healthcare Industry Employment Eligibility Verification & I-9 Services

First Advantage I-9 Complete is powered by an I-9 compliance software designed by a leading U.S. Immigration Law Firm and the only tool of its kind that maintains a perfect 15+ year track record of zero client fines.

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