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Expanded Sanctions

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Our expanded international sanctions search uses hundreds of U.S. and international watch list sources, updated every 24 hours, to give you the most current and comprehensive information possible in one simple search.

Reduce Risk & Streamline Hiring

In many industries, employers are required to screen employees with an international address history against multiple worldwide terrorist watch lists prior to hiring. However, this requires multiple logins, passwords, plus the extra time and resources required to search multiple sites and databases.

The expanded international sanctions search can help organizations reduce employee-related risk, promote regulatory compliance and streamline hiring by consolidating all required watch lists and much more into one easy search. With instant access to hundreds of U.S. and foreign watch list sources, the expanded international sanctions search also includes access to an in-depth Politically Exposed Persons database. To ensure employers have access to the most current and comprehensive information possible, watch lists included in the expanded international sanctions search are refreshed every 24 hours, as opposed to the weekly or monthly update schedule of other providers.

The expanded international sanctions search can help organizations  

  • Improve compliance with guidelines mandated by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the USA PATRIOT Act and international equivalents.
  • Mitigate workplace risk by proactively identifying potential terrorists, high-risk candidates or excluded individuals
  • Boost efficiency by searching more than 800 U.S. and foreign watch list sources at once
  • Save time and money that would be spent performing multiple searches for every candidate

Easy for employers, and candidates

With little to no impact on the candidate experience, the expanded international sanctions search can be easily added as an a la carte component to an individual background check, or it can be added to a preset screening package.
Results are immediate if no matching records are found. If a record match is found, we will perform the extra research to confirm if the record actually belongs to the subject. This helps preserve your time and resources, while also keeping the hiring process on track. The expanded international sanctions search can be used as part of a pre-hire screening process, and it can be also used as an annual rescreening tool. 

Designed for Candidates with International Addresses

It is important to note that the expanded international sanctions search can only be used to screen employees whose address history includes one or more international addresses, since it offers expanded coverage that falls outside of what is permissible under the US-based Fair Credit Reporting Act. For employees with a strictly U.S.-based address history, organizations can use our standard global sanctions search.


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