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Location Based Tax Incentives

Our location-based tax incentives program provides screening and negotiation services with compliance management and administration to help you navigate incentive programs available

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Our Location Based Incentives (LBI) division provides tax credit screening services, economic incentive negotiation services and compliance management and administration, to help you capitalize on the numerous tax incentive programs available throughout the country and the world. Although many companies try to take advantage of these tax incentives, only about 10% apply and administer them correctly.

We work as an extension of your internal departments to identify, process, and administer your full tax incentive potential. The LBI division secures both statutory and discretionary tax incentive opportunities that fall into three major categories: workforce incentives, geographic incentives, and investment incentives. These tax credits can amount to thousands of dollars per eligible employee and can have a substantial impact on a company's bottom line. State and local opportunities include:

- Enterprise Zone Tax Credits
- Empowerment Zone Tax Credits
- Jobs Tax Credits
- Training Tax Credits
- State Point of Hire Tax Credits
- Property Tax Credits and Abatements
- Investment Tax Credits and Expenditures

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