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Our team of experts guides you through the complicated system of ACA compliance for employers, and provides ongoing support throughout the ACA lifecycle.

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1095 & 1094 Delivery & Transmission 

The key to successfully complying with the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act is the accurate and timely delivery of 1095 forms to employees, and transmission of 1094s to the IRS. Our Affordable Care Act compliance system calculates all the codes needed to populate both the 1095s and 1094s, and can provide delivery and transmission controls built directly into our solution.

Monitoring & Tracking Eligibility 

We give large employers of variable hour employees the ability to monitor monthly hours and average monthly hours during the applicable measurement period.  Alerts notify the employer when an employee meets key thresholds.   

Demonstrating Costs & Risk  

Our dashboards provide you with the necessary tools to demonstrate costs and to help mitigate risk of the ACA shared responsibility requirements.  This dashboard is customizable to your specific business needs. The monthly format of the ACA dashboard offers consistent tracking of potential penalties on a monthly basis.

Compliance & Customized Reporting  

Managing ACA compliance for employers is a huge undertaking that requires a substantial amount of administration time.  Our robust platform relieves you of many of these burdens and helps to ensure your reporting requirements are met on schedule. 

Audit-Ready Reporting  

Our ACA Compliance solutions feature dashboard reporting is designed to serve as audit documentation for verification of full-time employee status during the ACA stability period. These audit features document safe harbor affordability calculations per employee.

Exchange Notice Response 

Our consultants assist you with appeals to these notices, based on your preferences, and help keep you informed and current with all related documentation.

ACA Advantage™

Our ACA Compliance solutions help you manage Affordable Care Act Compliance throughout the ACA lifecycle. This brief video shows you how.



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