Non-DOT + DOT Compliance Support For Drivers and Vehicles

Stay Road-Ready with Compliance Support and Risk Management for Drivers and Vehicles

Ready to Save Money & Time?

Automate your DOT and non-DOT vehicle and driver compliance support with RoadReady✓®, a configurable vehicle and driver compliance solution that delivers consistency and processing speed to help you manage everything in a single, centralized solution.

Save Money Consolidate Your Vehicle and Driver Compliance Programs into a Centralized Solution

Save time Take Days Off The Creation of Your Driver Compliance Files with Real-time Status Tracking

Gain Efficiency Get an At-a-glance Snapshot in a Dashboard View

Mitigate DOT Compliance-Related Risks

You’re not alone when it comes to managing vehicle and driver compliance obligations for your business. RoadReady✓ helps alleviate the heavy administrative burden of managing titling, permitting, licensing, and other DOT compliance needs while providing a snapshot of your safety and compliance health. Tailor it to your needs. RoadReady✓ is comprehensive enough to provide specifics of your upcoming renewals, yet configurable to accommodate your unique DOT compliance related requirements, including:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
  • International Registration Plan (IRP)

Always know where your drivers and vehicles stand with RoadReady✓ at your fingertips.

Keep Your Business RoadReady✓

Regardless of the service you provide, managing risk is equally as important as maintaining compliance. Whether you have just a few trucks or hundreds of vehicles in your fleet, RoadReady✓ can help you manage driver compliance, DOT compliance, and non-DOT requirements, to keep your business productive and profitable.

Choose RoadReady✓ to ensure efficient operation of your fleet with services like:

Ensuring driver compliance for quick and safe hiring

Personalizing drug and alcohol testing that align to your needs, as well as your DOT compliance and non-DOT program objectives

Keep Your Drivers RoadReady✓

Optimize costs by shaving days off the creation of driver qualification files. Whether you’re hiring someone new or maintaining a driver qualification file of an experienced driver, RoadReady✓ gives you a comprehensive view of their productivity, and the overall safety of your assets.

Partner with First Advantage – an industry leader whose regulatory expertise combined with best-in-class technology can help you manage driver-related risks, with support for:

  • DOT Compliance
  • Driver Background Checks
  • DQF Management
  • Driver Drug & Alcohol Testing & Random Testing
  • Driver Physicals & Occupational Health Screens
  • MVR (Motor Vehicle Records) Monitoring with DQF Integration

Reliable Support for DOT Compliance, Driver Compliance, and Fleet Management

You get a centralized solution for DOT compliance support so you can effectively manage your fleet and free up staff to focus on other important tasks—leave titling, registration, and permitting as well as Driver Qualification Files (DQF) management to a team of professionals working for you!

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“We love MVR monitoring because it provides us with a daily confirmation of driver status.”

“First Advantage’s innovative technology has helped us hire faster and improve turnaround times.”

— Christopher Faltisko, Sr. Manager, Safety Health Environment US Foods

$56.7 Billion

The employer cost of motor vehicle crashes1


Total carrier fines by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in 20192


40% of vehicle accidents are work-related3